NOX 210 is the Night of pan, transubstantiation of ecstasys,madness,obssession,abberations and self transformative process into the nothingness...A meta -program living sigil incarnated though such psychotic states where nothing exist just manifested in a sensorial space where NOX 210 aspect grows and mutates into such complex and obssessive fragments gathered under the influx of paradigmatical essences !! welcome to hidden transmisions where NOX 210 is the center of vortex,the Zero point intersection of neither-neither world!!! This project was created as NULL,but due the great Japanese act with the same name,we changed the name to NOX 210!!!!
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sábado, 15 de octubre de 2011

NOX 210 "Zos Vel Thanatos" Debut Album October 31th 2011 OUT NOW!!!!

NOX 210
"Zos Vel Thanatos" 
Debut album 2011
(Archon Visions)

The Awaited debut album from this South American Project,will be out next  October 31th 2011. The album is released by The first Colombian ambient ritual label Archon Visions.The album includes 8 compositions through almost 60 minutes of pure raw corrosive noise industrial/experimental musik. 

The Complete incarnated sigils at "Zos Vel Thanatos"
were made flesh under diverse facets in neither-neither worlds,astral congress,mutative sexual paraphernalia,hermaphoditic achemical process,degenerative paradigms,transformative intercourses...always under the influx of enigmatic THE RED GODZ. This piece was an evocative tribute to Austin Osman spare,an inspirational shape in the voyage to find my own Black eagle and satisfy my own pleasures in self-love!!

1-Live Like A Tree Walking 6:25
2-The Death Posture 8:00
3-Null Eon 0 7:00
4-Zaa The 24th Aethyr 4:35
5-zos Vel Thanatos 5:00

Bonus tracks

"The Invocation Ov The Heart Girt With A Serpent"
6-The Rite Ov The bornless One 10:05
7-Opening The Portal(Rit Phase II) 7:50
8-Who Dwellest In The Void Place Ov The Spirit 10:11

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