NOX 210 is the Night of pan, transubstantiation of ecstasys,madness,obssession,abberations and self transformative process into the nothingness...A meta -program living sigil incarnated though such psychotic states where nothing exist just manifested in a sensorial space where NOX 210 aspect grows and mutates into such complex and obssessive fragments gathered under the influx of paradigmatical essences !! welcome to hidden transmisions where NOX 210 is the center of vortex,the Zero point intersection of neither-neither world!!! This project was created as NULL,but due the great Japanese act with the same name,we changed the name to NOX 210!!!!
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jueves, 18 de agosto de 2011

NOX 210 /GYAKUSATSU "Khem" Slit Cdr 2011(COMING SOON)

 NOX 210 /GYAKUSATSU/ "Khem" Split Cdr  2011
(Marbre Negre)

We are proud to announce the split cd between NOX 210 and the Spanish project GYAKUSATSU,offering you,an eroto exploration between the magickal realms of sex,from an alchemical process. The album comes in profi cdr with A5 cover.

The Vama Marg of Tantra are now the only repository of genuine science of Srividya and Chandrakala. This science, which originated in Egypt, was distorted in the Western tradition known as Al-Khem or alchemy. Khem, the black earth, was identified with Egypt because the Kaf-routine or blacks reached its apotheosis in the land. The source of the current Draconian reside in Africa beyond Egypt, as Massey has amply demonstrated. But the hidden meaning of Khem is the dark radiation of women whose vaginal vibrations deposited red soil of the reification.

  Such is the nature of the Chalice, which produces both ecstasy and magic immortality, their kalas are highly addictive. As the Internal Adept in this tunnel, addiction can become obsessive and he runs the risk of becoming a vampire.

  When the sun turns red or is said to be drinking the blood of the goddess, or "perforated the highest form of cunnilingus," the expression used in a secret review of the Rite of Kaula Vama Marg.

Title tracks

1-Eroto comatose lucidity (Nox 210)
2-Garden Ov Delights (Nox 210)
3-Transgenital Cell (Nox 210)
4-The great Beast (Nox 210/Gyakusatsu)
5-Vama Marga (Gyakusatsu)
6-Magik (RankVII) (Gyakusatsu)
7-Magik (RankVIII) (Gyakusatsu)
8-Magik (Rank IX) (Gyakusatsu)

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